Human Services

  1. Adult Services

    Find out what services are offered to citizens that are 18 years old or older.

  2. Aging & Disabilities Division

    Read about the Aging and Disabilities Division of human services and the services they offer.

  3. Child Care Assistance

    Learn about getting financial assistance on child care.

  4. Child Care Licensing

    Child care licensing works with the family child care providers to establish standards of care throughout the county while adhering to the licensing laws.

  5. Child Protection Services

    Find information about child protection in the county.

  6. Child Support Services

    Get information about child support obligations and regulations in the county.

  7. Economic Support Services

    Learn about the different economic support services that are available to residents in the county.

  8. Employment & Economic Development Assistance

    View information about employment and economic development assistance.

  9. Foster Care Licensing

    Gather information about adult and child foster care licensing.

  10. Foster Care Online Video Training - CHILD

    Required training for Child Foster Care Providers.

  11. Fraud Assistance

    Obtain information about assistance against fraud.

  12. Medical Assistance Programs

    Read about the programs offered to help with medical expenses.

  13. Veterans Services

    Learn about all the veteran services available to the community of Chisago County.