Online Video Training

Foster Care Licensing requires each provider to complete a certain number of initial and on-going training hours. Provided are video trainings that are approved and can be used to complete these training hours. Each video training is listed below and has a short description of what is included. If you experience any problems viewing a video we suggest that you try again using Google Chrome. In order to receive credit for this training opportunity, each provider must watch the video/videos provided, follow along with the given information packet (power point) and then complete the self-test/post-test. When the provider has completed each section, the completed self-test/post-test must be returned to your Chisago County Licensor in order to receive credit for this training. Please ensure that your name and the date are on the form before submitting.

Children's Mental Health (CMH)

- Required prior to licensure
This video discusses various children's mental health diagnoses and its impact on their lives. This training has been approved and will meet the children's mental health requirement for foster care initial and on-going training.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)

- Required yearly after licensure
To complete this training watch the video and complete the post-test at the end then submit to your Chisago County Licensor.

Normalcy and Reasonable and Prudent Parenting

- Required prior to licensure
The Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act requires states to support normalcy for all children in foster care. Children and youth in foster care need to experience the same types of developmentally appropriate and social activities that their friends, families, and classmates who are not in care experience. This law permits foster parents, designated corporate foster care staff, and residential staff to allow foster children to participate in normal childhood activities by applying the reasonable and prudent parent standard.

Overview of Mental Health Issues

This training is a three-part series by the Minnesota Department of Education and it provides a better understanding of children's mental health disorders and its impact on learning and functioning. Included in this series are three videos which highlight anxiety, depression, and attention and behavior disorders. When all three sections of this training are complete, this also will meet the mental health requirement for foster care on-going training.

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome (SUID) & Abusive Head Trauma (AHT)

- Required prior to licensure

Child foster care providers, caring for infants or children through 5 years of age, must be instructed and receive training on SUID/AHT at least once every 5 years. The training must have been developed by the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services and approved by the Minnesota Center for Professional Development.

Minnesota Statute § 245A.1435

Minnesota Statute § 245A.144

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome Video

The Department of Human Services has approved the following series of videos to meet the SUID component when individuals are not receiving face-to-face, classroom, or online SUID training. All videos must be viewed to meet the SUID training requirement.

Please Note:  The videos below include portrayals of infant sleep environments in private, non-licensed, homes that are not subject to the requirements of Minnesota Statute § 245A.1435. License holders must comply with statutory safe sleep requirements by placing nothing in the crib except for an infant's pacifier. In addition, attachments or modifications to the crib are prohibited.

Abusive Head Trauma Video

The Department of Human Services has approved the following series of videos to meet the AHT component when license holders are not receiving face-to-face, classroom, or online AHT training. All videos must be viewed to meet the AHT training requirement.

SUID & AHT Training Verification

Please complete Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Syndrome and Abuse Head Trauma Self-Test for training credit and submit.