The Auditor-Treasurer's Office is responsible for the financial records of the county including accounts payable, accounts receivable, preparation and publication of the County Financial Statement.

They also administer the issuance of county auctioneer, precious metals, tobacco, beer, and liquor licenses, fireworks permits and the collection of the aggregate tax.

They handle investments, address corrections to the tax system, and the mailing function for the county offices.

The Auditor-Treasurer's Office also collects current year and delinquent real estate taxes, mobile home and personal property taxes as well as the Mortgage Registration Tax and State Deed Tax.

The County Auditor-Treasurer also serves as the chief election official for the county, conducting all county and state elections including the responsibilities of voter registration, ballot layout and absentee voting.

The Auditor-Treasurer's Office is also responsible for property tax administration which duties include:

  • Calculation of property taxes
  • Collection of mortgage registration tax and state deed tax
  • Collection of taxes
  • Combination of properties
  • Documenting all land transfers for name and address maintenance
  • Settlement of tax dollars to local units of government
  • Special assessments
  • Splits of properties
  • Tax forfeiture process
  • Tax increment financing

Information on how to make electronic payment for your property taxes can be found on the Online Payment Page.