Tax Information

Delinquent Property Tax

Unpaid property taxes from prior years are called delinquent tax. The Chisago County Auditor-Treasurer's Office administers the delinquent tax and forfeited property system. If you would like further information about delinquent taxes or tax forfeited property, go to the Chisago County Auditor-Treasurer's Page

Mobile Homes

Just a reminder that your Mobile Home Tax Statement will be mailed out by July 15th each year. The first half of tax is due by August 31st and the second half is due by November 15th.

Moving or Selling a Mobile Home?

If you are planning to move or sell your mobile home, you must have a Tax Release Letter signed by the Chisago County Auditor-Treasurer stating there are no current year or delinquent taxes owing on the mobile home. In order to receive this Tax Release Letter, you must provide a current title with the sellers name before the Tax Release Letter is signed. There is no charge for this document. You can then transfer the title to the new owner at a Minnesota Department of Vehicles office. The Certificate of Title must be accompanied by the Tax Release Letter from the Chisago County Auditor-Treasurer stating that all the mobile home taxes have been paid through the current year.

Paying Taxes

By Walk in

  • Chisago County Government Center

By Drop Box

  • Located at the main entrance of the Government Center. Tax payments placed in the drop box before 8 a.m. will be considered the previous day's business.

By Mail

  • Mail your tax payment to the County Auditor-Treasurer

By Credit Card (American Express, Master Card, Discover, Visa)


Paying Taxes Late

If you are paying your taxes late, the website provides the amount due, including penalty, through the current month.

Property Tax Information

State Deed Tax and Mortgage Registration Tax (MRT)

  • State Deed Tax is determined by multiplying .0033 times the total consideration. If the consideration is $500 or less, minimum deed tax is $1.65.
  • MRT - (Mortgage Registration Tax) is determined by multiplying .0023 times the mortgage amount.
  • Chisago County does not charge a Conservation Fee.