Boat and Water | Recreation Patrol Division

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office Boat And Water | Recreation Patrol Division promotes safety through education and enforcement, targeting outdoor activities, on waterways and recreational trails, in Chisago County in an effort to reduce loss of life through maintaining protection of persons and the property of all citizens and visitors of Chisago County.

During the spring, summer, and fall seasons, Chisago County Sheriff's Office Deputies actively patrol the 112 lakes and 46.9 miles of St. Croix River shoreline, including the Wild River State Park and Interstate Federal Park, in Chisago County, to ensure compliance with laws regarding the recreational use of waterways. The sheriff's office has a fleet of boats on trailers that can be towed and deployed when needed. The sheriff's office deputies also place and maintain buoys, respond to a variety of calls and complaints, investigate boating accidents, and conduct search and rescue missions for individuals reasonably believed to be in distress and/or the recovery of victims presumed drowned on the waterways. The Boat and Water | Recreation Patrol Division has received specialized training in the recovery of drowned victims and, in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR), has developed a very effective victim recovery method, which is taught to other agencies around the state known as the "Chisago County Drowned Victim Recovery Method". The Chisago County Sheriff's Office is also often times called upon and has successfully assisted other agencies in the recovery of drowned victims.

In the winter months, Chisago County Sheriff's Office Deputies determine and place "thin ice" markings and enforce laws, rules and regulations on the waterways in Chisago County as well as to take to the trails on snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles (ATV's) to ensure compliance of laws pertaining to the use of the same.

The Boat and Water | Recreation Patrol Division not only promotes public safety through the enforcement of all fish and game laws, rules and regulations all year round, but also, through partnership with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR), offering educational ATV and snowmobile safety training courses too. Please visit the MN DNR website for course dates and locations offered statewide. If you would like to register for a course in Chisago County, please email the student's name, address, and telephone number to us. Upon receipt, a registration packet will be mailed to the student. Please be advised we offer compact disk (CD) training. Therefore, the student must watch the CD enclosed in the registration packet, take / pass the test, and then attend the classroom and field day portion sponsored by the Chisago County Sheriff's Office. The sheriff's office offers up to two ATV safety courses per year, depending on interest, and partners with the Wild River Snowmobile Club offering one snowmobile safety course per year.

Sergeant Steve Pouti oversees the Boat and Water | Recreation Patrol Division and can be reached at 651-213-6344 or email him.