Civil Process Division

Non-emergency Civil Process Suspended

serve papersEffective March 17, 2020, due to COVID-19 concerns and not spreading this virus, the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office has suspended any non-emergency civil process at this time.  This includes but is not limited to any non-emergency paper services, Sheriff’s sales, mortgage foreclosure sales, etc.

Any papers we receive that are not an emergency will be sent back.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we are trying to keep everyone safe.

Thank you, 

Lori Olson
Civil  Process
Chisago County Sheriff’s Office


The Chisago County Sheriff’s Office Civil Process Division is to exercise civil jurisdiction throughout Chisago County and provide quality customer service with respect to the service of process, the execution of judgments, enforcement of court orders, and other legal papers and documents.

Civil documents are served on behalf of individuals, private attorneys, the court, and county departments and agencies. Such documents include:

  • Civil and Criminal Subpoenas
  • Court Orders (i.e. Domestic Abuse Orders, Harassment Restraining Orders)
  • Evictions
  • Notices
  • Petitions (i.e. Dissolution of Marriage)
  • Summonses

In addition to the civil process service, the Civil Process Division executes process involving the seizure of monies through bank levies, wage garnishment, and levies of personal and real property. The Civil Process Division also administers all sheriff’s sales of personal and real property, including mortgage foreclosure sales.

Several civil process fees/services are able to be paid online (credit/debit card or electronic check, also known as eChecks). All fees that we currently accept via Online Payments will include a link to the right of the specific fee/service listed below.

Note: A 2.5% ($2.00 minimum) fee will be assessed when paying with a credit/debit card or a $1.50 fee will be assessed for eChecks up to $10,000.

Civil Process Fee Schedule Is As Follows:

  • Advance Fee: Single: $60; Double: $70
  • Commission on Execution: 4%
  • Eviction: $92 Online Payment of Sheriff’s Items
  • Execution Levy Preparation: $10
  • Execution Sale: $70
  • Execution Service and General Demand: $60
  • Judgement and Decree Sale: $70
  • Mortgage Foreclosure Sale: $70
  • Notice of Intent to Redeem (Record Redemption Documents): $100
  • Posting of Sales: $70
  • Redemption: $250
  • Replevin, Attachment or Seizure: $60
  • Services Fee per Person: $60, plus $10 for each additional person
  • Sheriff’s Sale / Lien: $70 Online Payment of Sheriff’s Items

Note: Minnesota Attorneys need not provide pre-payment for Civil Services.

Lori Olson, Administrative Assistant, oversees the Civil Process Division.

Although this office is prohibited from giving legal advice, the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office Civil Process Division strives to provide all possible assistance within those constraints.