Fee Examples

Please note that these are examples of fines payable without a court appearance. Please read further for conditions which cause the matter to require a court appearance.

Miscellaneous Violations
Violation Fee
Handicapped parking $280
Failure to use seat belt $105
Failure to use child restraint $130
Parking $37

Speed Violations
Violation Fee
1-10 miles over limit $120
11-14 miles over limit $130
15-19 miles over limit $140

Effective August 1, 2005 speeds of 20 miles per hour and over are assessed a base fine according to applicable Minnesota statute, plus a special speeding surcharge equal to the base fine, making the fine double.
Violation Fee
20-25 miles over limit $220
26-30 miles over limit $280
31 and over miles over limit $380

Moving Violations
Violation Fee
Traffic control signal or stop sign $130
Unreasonable acceleration / exhibition driving $120
Over center line, lane usage, turning, backing and passing $130
Failure to yield right of way $130
Follow too closely $130
Drive without corrective lenses $130
No 2 wheel endorsement $130
Expired drivers license or instruction permit $180
No current registration $110

Fines listed above include a $75 surcharge and a $5 law library fee. Only 1 surcharge and law library fee will be assessed per ticket.