Public Health

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Our department provides services in order to protect, promote and improve the community's health.

The Chisago County Health Board and Public Health

Promotes a safe environment, prevents disease, protects and enhances the health or our community.
We work in partnership to make a difference for the people in Chisago County communities with a commitment to excellence.
Team Work * Trust * Honesty * Respect * Integrity * Stewardship

Public Health Priorities

Healthy Homes

Moisture and Mold

The Minnesota Department of Health has a specific page 'Moisture and Mold' on this topic with links to additional information.

Fall is here after a hot and humid summer. Keeping your home free from mold and moisture problems is key to a healthy home. Check out the links that at provided below for materials and advice from subject matter experts on mitigation of moisture and mold in your home!

Healthy Home

Rental Homes


  Chisago County Public Health is guided by the Ten Essential Public Health Services. These Ten Essential Public Health Services are applied to the role of public health structures nationally, as well as through state, local, and tribal public health governance.


Who to Call…

  • If you suspect a food-related illness call 1-877-FOOD-ILL (1-877-366-3455)
  • To report a restaurant or lodging related health concern call 651-201-5414 or 1-800-676-5414
  • For financial assistance call 651-213-5200 or 651-213-5600
  • For MnSure questions call 651-213-5705
  • For radon testing kits call Chisago County Environmental Services at 651-213-8372
  • To obtain a well water testing kit call 651-213-5600