Passenger Assistance

The Heartland Express provides curb-to-curb service. Our drivers are trained in passenger assistance techniques and will assist passengers when requested.

Passengers must be ready and waiting at the door. All wheelchair passengers must have a ramp on their dwelling. Under no circumstances will the driver take wheelchairs down steps. Our drivers will not enter the premises or cross the threshold of a dwelling.

Lift & Securement Use

Persons using a mobility device will need to be aware of the following information:

  • All common wheelchairs will be transported even if securement (tie down) does not accommodate a particular wheelchair (electric scooter type, large electric base, sports chair, etc.).
  • Common wheelchairs are defined as those which fit on a lift that complies with Department of Justice's (DOJ's) technical standards (30 inches by 48 inches).
  • Combined weight of chair and passenger cannot exceed more than 600 pounds.
  • Mobility devise must fit into the securement location on the bus without impeding (or blocking) movement around the chair.
  • Wheelchair passengers must be seat-belted in using both the lap and shoulder straps. Passengers using an electric scooter are encouraged (for safety reason) to transfer to a regular passenger seat.


Exceptions to a passenger not transferring must be made through the office, not by a driver. The office will be immediately notified if any passenger does not meet or refuses to follow the above standards.