Aquatic Invasive Species

One of the goals of the Lake Improvement District is to promote the reduction of non-native aquatic invasive species (AIS). Aquatic invasive species are non-native plants, animals and other organisms. When they are introduced into a lake or river they cause harm to the ecosystem. Once in a lake or river they can be impossible to eliminate and difficult to manage.  Each year, thousands of watercraft users come to local lakes and rivers, potentially bringing zebra mussels and other AIS along with them.  

Clean, Drain, Dispose and Dry 

The AIS Fact Sheet helps educate watercraft users on how to Clean, Drain and Dry watercraft and Dispose of bait to prevent the introduction and spread of AIS.  The AIS Fact Sheet also provides information on the types of AIS species currently found in lakes in Chisago County.  Thank you for taking the steps and helping to reduce the spread of AIS.  What you do Matters...and it's Minnesota State law to Clean, Drain, Dispose!

Aquatic Plant Surveys

Common Carp Surveys

Zebra Mussel Plan