Policies & Procedures

General Passenger Information

Heartland Express is a rural public transportation system serving area residents in Isanti and Chisago County. Heartland Express welcomes everyone to ride! Children under age seven (7) must be accompanied by an adult or caregiver.

All passengers must register with our program before we can transport. All information is for statistical use only and will not be shared with any other agency. For best service all requests need to be made by noon the working day before.

Please allow a 20 minute window (10 minutes either way of your pick up time for your bus to arrive) for weather and traffic conditions. The bus will only wait for 2 minutes beyond your scheduled pickup time. It is your responsibility to be ready on time.

Passenger Conduct & Responsibility

The fare is due at the time of boarding. Drivers do not give change nor will the staff document prepayment for multiple trips. Passengers must secure all personal items and belongings while riding the bus. This includes all walkers and canes.

All passengers are expected to behave in a courteous manner with consideration for fellow passengers. No eating, drinking, or open containers are allowed on the bus. No tobacco products, inappropriate language, lack of personal hygiene, bothering of other passengers, horseplay, fighting, carrying of weapons, or possessing illegal drugs, will be allowed on the vehicle.

School Children

All school work and personal items must be in a backpack or school bag prior to boarding bus and must remain there for the duration of the ride. Children need be seat-belted and remain so until the bus comes to a complete stop at your bus stop. If a child is unable to seat belt themselves, it's the parents responsibility to see that someone assists them.

Please be advised that there will be zero tolerance to the violation of rules.