Child & Teen Checkups

Child and teen checkups (C&TCs) are available to children from birth to age 21 years of age that are enrolled in Medical Assistance or Minnesota Care.

Assessment Procedures
C&TCs provide health maintenance checkups and immunizations, hearing and vision checks, lab tests (hemoglobin and lead tests) nutritional counseling, developmental assessments, measurement for growth assessment, plus information about good physical and mental health.

These checkups are very thorough and qualify for sports physicals, pre-school physicals and Head Start required physicals. Child and teen checkups are done at birth, 2-4 weeks, and the following months: 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24. C&TCs are done at age 5 and 6 and then every 2 years after age 6-21 years.

Appointment Information
C&TCs health checks are available from your doctor or clinic. If you need transportation or interpreter assistance, call prior to scheduling your appointment. Call 651-213-5231 for assistance in scheduling an appointment or to get more information.

Remember when making your appointment to ask for it by name.