Land Use Practices

One of the goals of the Lake Improvement District is to encourage environmentally sound land use practices for urban and agricultural areas to protect water quality within the Chisago Lakes Watershed. Lakes, rivers, forests, and farms all depend on the replenishing waters of rain and snow.

However, when rain falls on land and impervious surfaces such as paved streets, parking lots, and building rooftops, it can wash away soil and sediments.
  • Polluted runoff containing oil, grease, chemicals, nutrients, metals, litter and pathogens will severely reduce water quality.
  • Stormwater runoff, or snow melt, can change both water quality and quantity, affecting our water resources physically, chemically, and biologically.
The Lake Improvement District actively works with local partners, including cities and the Soil and Water Conservation District, to install projects which reduce pollution entering the lakes.

Pollution Reduction Projects

  1. 295th Street Neighborhood Retrofit - Lindstrom, MN
  2. Bayview Apartments Stormwater Pond Retrofit - Center City
  3. Best Management Practice Maintenance Program
  4. Brian Olson Grassed Waterway and Diversion - Center City
  5. Bruce Olson Wetland Restoration - Center City
  6. Busch Avenue - Center City, MN
  7. Chisago County Government Center
  8. Chisago County Government Center 2015
  9. Chisago Lake Lutheran Church
  10. Chisago Lakes Golf Course
  11. Chisago Lakes High School Stormwater Pond Retrofit
  12. Chisago Lakes Watershed BMP Implementation
  13. CR 20 Gully Stabilization - North Center Lake
  14. County Road 20 Gully Stabilization Project
  15. County Road 24 Gully Stabilizations - Chisago Lakes Township
  16. Craig Peltier Water and Sediment Control Basins and Diversion
  17. Eichten Projects - Linn Lake
  18. Elm Street 2nd Ave Rain Garden - Lindstrom, MN
  19. Enhanced Streep Sweeping - Lindstrom
  20. Erickson Gully Stabilization - Green Lake
  21. Furgala/Labernik Rain Garden - Center City, MN
  22. Holmquist Water and Sediment Control Basins - Green Lake
  23. John Lelwica Water and Sediment Control Basins, Grassed Waterway and Diversion
  24. Kent Reed Water and Sediment Control Basins and Diversion - Center City
  25. Kings Bluff Neighborhood Retrofit - Chisago City, MN
  26. Lake Avenue Dead End Street Project - Chisago City, MN
  27. Lakes Free Church
  28. Linden Street - City of Lindstrom
  29. Lindstrom Catchment L 29 Newlander Ave - Lindstrom, MN
  30. Loren's Park - Center City, MN
  31. Maple Street Neighborhood Rain Gardens - Lindstrom, MN
  32. Minimal Impact Design Standards
  33. Minnesota Avenue Gully Stabilization - Chisago Lakes Township
  34. Mobeck Avenue - Center City, MN
  35. Nelson Court Gully Stabilization - Center City, MN
  36. Nelson Court Shoreline Stabilization and Pervious Pavement - Center City
  37. Northwoods Roasterie Rain Gardens - Lindstrom, MN
  38. Olinda Green Townhome Association
  39. Olinda Trail Gully Stabilization - Lindstrom
  40. Peninsula Avenue Rain Gardens - Lindstrom, MN
  41. Peters Gully Stabilization - Green Lake
  42. Pleasant Hill Park - Lindstrom, MN
  43. Pumphouse Park/Elm Street Project - Lindstrom, MN
  44. Rural Subwatershed Assessment
  45. South Center Lake Boat Launch - Lindstrom, MN
  46. Surfland Neighborhood Rain Gardens - Chisago City, MN
  47. Swedish Central Bank - Downtown Center City
  48. Swensons Lake House Restaurant - Center City, MN
  49. Urban and Shoreline Best Management Practices
  50. Vegetated Swale and Minnesota Filter - Center City
  51. Vegetation Buffer Strips in Agricultural Areas
  52. Whispering Bay Gully Stabilization - Lindstrom