Dental & Oral Health

Good Hygiene Needs to Begin Early

Your child needs regular dental care starting at an early age. Talk with your dentist to schedule the first visit. Good oral health requires good daily care. Follow these guidelines.

For Babies

  • If most of your child's nutrition comes from breastfeeding, or if you live in an area with too little fluoride in the drinking water (less than .3 ppm for children younger than 2 years, less than .7 ppm for children older than 2 years), your child may need fluoride drops or tablets. Ask your child's doctor or your local water department about the amount of fluoride in your water and note it.
  • Don't use a baby bottle as a pacifier or put your child to sleep with a baby bottle. This can cause tooth decay and ear infections.
  • Keep your infant's teeth and gums clean by wiping with a moist cloth after feeding.
  • When multiple teeth appear, begin gently brushing your infant's teeth using a soft toothbrush and a very small (pea-sized) amount of toothpaste with fluoride.

For Older Children

  • Talk with your dentist about dental sealants. They can help prevent cavities in permanent teeth.
  • Use dental floss to help prevent gum disease. Talk with your dentist about when to start.
  • Do not permit your child to smoke or chew tobacco. Set a good example: don't use tobacco products yourself.
  • If a permanent tooth is knocked out, rinse it gently and put it back into the socket or in a glass of cold milk or water. Take your child and the tooth to a dentist immediately.

Childrens Dental Services

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Dental Varnishing

Chisago County Public Health is now offering dental varnishing!

Call 651-213-5228 or 651-213-5233 to schedule your child's dental varnish appointment.