Items Accepted & Rejected

Note: All accepted items must be in 5 gallons containers or less.



Automotive / Petroleum Products:
Antifreeze, brake fluid, charcoal lighter fluid, gas, kerosene, oil and oil filters, power steering fluid, transmission fluid...
Call your local law enforcement or Chisago County Sheriff at
Ph: 651-257-4100.
Home Improvement Products:
Adhesives, driveway sealers, paints, paint stripper, paint thinner, roofing tar, rust remover, solvents, stains, varnish, wood preservative, aerosols....
Appliances and tires:
Harris - Recycling for Wildlife 651-674-7268
North Branch - ECSWC 763-689-4056
Rush City - LHR 320-358-3988
Rechargeable batteries, including NiCad, button batteries, and small sealed lead-acid batteries.
Discard alkaline and carbon batteries in your trash.
Vehicle Batteries:
Automotive, marine, motorcycle, lawn tractor, etc. Return to any business that sells these types of batteries
Fluorescent Bulbs:
Construction / remodeling debris:
For disposal information call your local garbage hauler or DKV Enterprises Demolition Landfill at 320-358-4911.
Household Cleaners:
Cleaning products, drain cleaners, metal cleaners, oven cleaners, spot removers...
Harris - Recycling for Wildlife
Ph: 651-674-7268
Wyoming - SRC, Inc.
Ph: 651-462-5268
Lawn and Garden Chemicals:
Fertilizer with weed killer, flea killer, herbicides, moth balls, pesticides...
Harris - Recycling for Wildlife
Ph: 651-674-7268
Miscellaneous items:
Acids and bases, mercury, pool chemicals, photographic chemicals, propane cylinders, cell phones...
Trash / Empty Containers:
Throw in your trash: empty aerosol cans, alkaline and carbon/zinc batteries, empty containers, fertilizer without weed killer, empty/dried out paint cans with lids removed..
Note: All accepted items must be in 5 gallon containers or less.