Park Board


Park Board meetings are held:

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are prepared before each meeting. Minutes are available following approval.

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Members of the Parks Board serve terms of 3 years:

Jolene WilleDistrict 1Term: 01/08/2019 to 01/02/2022
Daniel KaiserDistrict 2Term: 01/07/2020 to 12/31/2022
Gregg CarlsonDistrict 3Term: 01/05/2021 to 01/05/2024
Jill SichenederDistrict 4Term: 01/07/2020 to 12/31/2022
Frank StormDistrict 5Term: 01/08/2019 to 01/02/2022

 Duties & Responsibilities

  • Coordinate the County Parks Program relative to federal, state, county, and local planning efforts in order to produce the highest level of facilities and improve communications to minimize duplication of efforts.
  • Identify, preserve and protect open spaces such as wetlands, shoreline, critical resource areas, wildlife habitat, and natural vegetation communities that are essential to ecological systems of the county parks and open space system.
  • Promote the acquisition and development of county park and trails to sustain a well balanced county park system adequate to satisfy outdoor recreational needs.
  • Review operations and maintenance of facilities, and services as appropriate in the county parks.
  • Assist in and review the preparation of the county park budget.
  • Periodic updates of County Parks and Open Space Plan in accordance with accepted standards and concerned citizens as appropriate.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of the county parks and open space facilities and involve federal, regional, county, local officials.
  • Protect the environmental quality of the parks and open space system.