Minnesota Care is a health care program for uninsured working Minnesotans. MinnesotaCare does not pay for past medical bills. MinnesotaCare is for Minnesota residents who meet income and other eligibility guidelines. MinnesotaCare is paid for with state and federal tax dollars, provider taxes and premiums paid by people who are enrolled.

It takes 30-45 days to process the application. Enrollees pay a monthly premium based on family size, income and the number of people in their family who are covered. Children under age 21 who meet a lower income guideline pay a fixed premium of $4 a month. Coverage starts the 1st of the month after payment is received. Continued coverage depends on timely payment of premiums. MinnesotaCare enrollees must complete a new application every year.


You can apply for MinnesotaCare by mail, call 651-297-3862 (Twin Cities Metro) or 800-657-3672 (toll-free) for an application.

Many medical providers, schools, and social service agencies also have applications.

You can print a copy of the online application from the web and it will be sent to the agency for Chisago County residents.

You can apply for MinnesotaCare in person at some county social service agencies and at the state office in downtown St. Paul at: 444 Lafayette Road N.

St Paul, MN 55155


Eligibility requirements for MinnesotaCare:

  • Permanent Minnesota resident.
  • Meet income guidelines.
  • Not currently insured or covered by other health insurance within the last 4 months (this includes Medicare). Some exceptions apply for people coming from Medical Assistance and children who meet a lower income guideline.
  • No access to employer-paid insurance with a current employer where the employer pays 50% or more of the monthly premium. Does not apply to children who meet lower income guidelines.
  • Current employer has not withdrawn employer-paid (50% or more) health insurance in the past 18 months.
  • Asset limit of $10,000 for one person, $20,000 for 2 or more people. (Pregnant women and children under 21 years old have no asset limits.)

Applications require proof of income, such as federal 1040 tax forms, W-2 forms, wage statements, or pay stubs.