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1. What licenses does your office issue?
2. When paying property taxes, can I make a partial payment?
3. Can I pay my taxes over the phone?
4. Does the Auditor-Treasurer's Office need to receive payment for taxes by the due date or if mailing, do they need to be postmarked by the due date?
5. Do I need to write a separate check if I'm paying on more than one parcel?
6. What if I pay my property taxes late?
7. When are property taxes due?
8. Will I receive a reminder if I forget to pay my taxes by the due date?
9. What if I purchase my property after the tax statements have already been mailed?
10. What if I've lost or misplaced my tax statement? Can I obtain another copy of my Property Tax Statement?
11. What if my total tax is less than $50?
12. Why have I received a bill (tax statement) when my mortgage company should be paying the taxes?
13. When will we receive our tax statements?
14. If I own more than one property, can I write one check?